Color makes your home vibrant, gorgeous and unforgettable.

The Link Solutions painting company team is Crisp, Clean and Professional.

Our skilled painters provide you with all your exterior painting needs:


Painting the siding of your home


Painting your doors


Painting your shutters


Painting your trim and soffit


Painting your gutters


Painting your exterior wood


Painting your home bricks


Painting your home fence

The Link Solutions difference to your exterior painting needs?

We have the tools and equipment necessary to get the paint job done right. Many painters fail to do the proper clean up that is crucial and needed for exterior paint to be done correctly. Did you know that concrete and wood are prone to trapping dirt, grease, mold and much more?

Cleaning up using the right methods is crucial prior to any paint work beginning. Our skilled painting technicians will dedicate the time to clean and prep all exterior surfaces made of wood, concrete, stone or brick.

Our exterior paint services are built different:

Ensuring 100% satisfaction by going the extra mile.
Thorough pre clean up on patios, siding, fence, brick, walkways
Scrape, strip and sand as much as needed
Caulking around every window, crack and joints for excellent paint

Our proven exterior paint process using only the best exterior painting products from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams guarantees longevity and resistance to weather.

Lets paint the exterior of your home using our 10 step process:


On time; Always


Pressure wash and clean your entire home exterior; stone bricks, patios


Protect all surfaced not being painted


Scrape, Strip and Sand


Calk all joints, cracks and windows


Spot Prime as needed


Replace all rotted wood


Apply high quality painting products using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams exterior paints.


Apply paint and all coats


Clean up and final walk through

When you pair our Skilled Craftsmanship with the best paint products it’s when the magic happens.

Protecting your home with exterior painting

Painting the siding of your home with Link Solutions painting company means preventing rot, damage and leaks. A rotted siding will absorb water and cause major issues in your home like mold and mildew. The best way to prevent and protect is to paint your siding. You are probably aware that high quality exterior paint is crucial to your home, but did you know that the way that paint is applied on your siding is far more important. If your siding is not properly prepared for the paint, the investment and paint life will be reduced in half. Our painting experts also know if a paint is too thin or too thick, as this will ensure how it will look when faced with the harsh New England weather.

1 year warranty badge

Trust in our Warranty

All our paints come with a 1 year warranty giving you the extra protection needed against peeling, bubbling, cracking, splitting due to improper preparation or applications.

Our Link Solutions Pledge to Deliver on every paint:

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