How much does it cost to Paint a House?

interior house painting

If your home’s exterior is cracking, chipping, or peeling, it may be time to paint. Curb appeal is significant to the neighborhood and the home itself, as letting go of the exterior means letting go of some of the home’s value. Well, this is how much does it cost to paint a house?

Should you need to sell due to a family emergency or unexpected move, your home value will be perceived mainly on its exterior and square footage. Did you know that the exterior of your home is far more evaluated than its kitchen finishes or hardwood floors? This is why most appraisers and insurance companies focus on the home’s exterior. These include its electrical, foundation, and plumbing.  

Painting your home is an affordable option that can keep your home safe from other not-so-budget-friendly remodels that can occur if the exterior begins to absorb water and rot.

But you are here to talk about price, so let’s talk price. Recent data shows that the average cost to paint the exterior of your home in Massachusetts for a 2000 square foot home is about $5,200-$12,000. The price per square foot breaks down to around $1-$5 per square foot. 

Cost to Paint a House Exterior by type of Siding

The cost will depend on the material of the home’s current siding. Every existing siding will need a different type of prep work to be done for the paint to be applied. Some siding types may also need several days of prep work. They may also need additional coats of paint to reach the desired finishes.

Two siding types that are very painter friendly to work with and can absorb paint very quickly are wood siding and vinyl siding. Both these siding projects oftentimes come pre-primed as well, saving a step for the painters.   

While other sidings like metal or brick siding, may be more expensive, do to the finish and the 

Some types of metal siding and brick may be easy to paint, but they can also be more expensive depending on the finish and number of coats needed. A home with a stucco exterior can also be more expensive to paint because its texture requires extensive preparation and extra materials and labor for the same coverage.

Average Exterior Painting Cost by Siding Type

The table below shows the average cost per foot to paint a home based on its type of siding.

TypeCost by Square Foot
Aluminum or metal$1–$4
Exterior Foundation$1–$4

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