When should you paint your house?

When to paint your house

When should you paint your house? That’s a slightly loaded question, but one that we’re prepared to answer. Several factors go into deciding when you should paint your home, and we will uncover them all – from the year intervals between painting to the times of year best for painting both your interior and exterior. So, without further ado, let’s answer this burning question now.  

When should you paint your house? How Often Should I Paint My House

This is one of the “When should I paint my house?” sub-questions that often come up, and for a good reason. While painting is more affordable than – let’s say – redoing the siding on your home’s exterior, it can still cost you a pretty penny. This is especially true if you’re dealing with much square footage. So, let’s look at how often you should paint your home’s interior. 

When should you paint your house? Interior Intervals

You could be suitable for up to a decade if you’ve splurged for good, washable paint during your last interior repaint. You need to factor general wear and tear into the equation. Do your walls have scuffs and scrapes that you can seem to get rid of? Are there visible hand-marks around doors, door frames, light switches, toggles, or dimmers? If so, you must consider patching the areas with visible damage or going in for a full repaint. Keep in mind that to have clean, on-trend walls, it’s recommended that you repaint your interior every 3-5 years. 

When should you paint your house? Exterior Intervals

Oddly enough, your home’s exterior might last longer than your interior paint job. Your exterior walls are painted with paints that are suitable for exposure to the elements, and, other than those elements, your exterior walls don’t come into contact with people. However, your interior walls get touched by children, rubbed up against by family pets, and bumped into by furniture. Again, high-quality, washable paint could last a little longer, but you’ll generally want to repaint your exterior every 5-10 years. 

Now, what time of year is best for painting?

What time of year should you paint your walls?

It all depends on how much paint you’ll be doing and whether or not you’ll be painting your interior or exterior (or both). It should go without saying, but it’s often best to paint your house in the warmer months to allow for quicker drying time, but you can consider repainting in the cooler months if there is an eyesore you need to get rid of. Look at some of the challenges and benefits each season brings with them. 

What time of year should you paint your wallsSummer

During summer, your primer and any spackle you apply to your walls will dry faster. This depends on the region that you live in. If you live in an area prone to summer rain, you will want to consider whether or not you should wait for the first signs of fall to paint. Rain shouldn’t be an issue if you’re painting your home interior. 

What time of year should you paint your wallsFall

The beginning of fall is an excellent time for interior, and exterior painting as the weather is still moderate, and there isn’t much risk of rain messing with your plans. You’ll want to be aware of your surroundings and whether or not falling leaves might ruin your exterior paint job. Again, interiors won’t have this issue. 

What time of year should you paint your wallsWinter

Cooler months aren’t as much of an issue as many make it out to be. Winter might be the best season to paint because – in most regions – the humidity levels are drastically lower in winter than in summer. This means that your paint will dry faster in winter. This might not work out for you if you live in a snowy region, as snowfall might damage your exterior paint. Also, you might be unable to keep your windows open to let interior paint dry if the climate is too cold. 

What time of year should you paint your wallsSpring

Spring is the best time to paint your house. The weather is warming up again but isn’t as humid as in summer. Moreover, it isn’t as damp because there is no longer any winter frost. 

Remember to paint as early in the day as possible during warmer months to allow the paint to bake sufficiently before nightfall and wait for the frost to dissipate before painting in the cooler months. 


Overall, the appropriate time to paint your home depends on how much of it you’re planning on painting, the reason why, and the weather you commonly experience during the season you’re planning on doing your painting. 

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